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Boys Basketball

Practice Schedule

Listen to the Morning Announcements for when Try Outs will be.
You must attend Try Outs to be on the A' Team. The B' Team is Open Enrollment.
Practice is Monday-Thursday Afterschool until 4/4:30pm.

Boys Basketball Game Schedule

game schedule
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8th grade boys basketball
7th grade basketball
Boys B Basketball Collage


7th & 8th Grade B Team

Coach Bruce Garibaldi 

8th Grade A Team

Coach Jose Acosta

7th Grade A Team

Tierney Genoar

Adjunct Duty

A Team Adjunct Staff:

Fans& Athletes Supervision: 

Door: Gus Kambeitz

B Team Adjunct Staff:

Door: Julia Carrasco

School Locations

Click this link to get the locations of each school!

Schedules & TeamStanding

East Side Athletic League 

Davis is in the "A" Division in the South League 







Athletes & Managers

7th Grade Boys A Basketball Team

Austin, Shaun

Esparza, David

Gonzales, Matthew

Mai, Tarren

Pacleb, Faustin Ace

Paz, Aiden

Sanchez Lopez, Jose

Singh, Gurshan

Truong, Matthew

Wright, Ryan

Servin, Isaias

8th Grade Boys A Basketball Team

Madrigal Ruiz, Kevin

Sanchez, Fred

Nguyen, Ryan

Sweeney, Jaden

Taylor, Roman

Tran, Nguyen

Vo, Kenneth

Vu, Dylan

Wiley, Aiden*

Mack, De’Aundre*

Hernandez, Daniel*


Bruton, Savannah

Ramirez, Danielle


B’ Basketball Athletes

Jaylen Allen

Edwin Garcia

Joshua Roldan

Noe Batres

Jaeydnn Cooper

Omar Garcia

Jesse Luviano

Eduardo Verdusco

Joe Jenson

Eric Silva

Caleb Barefield

Jamal Farah

Nasser Melhem

Kerolos Bahr


Lizeth Garcia

DJ Stitts